Questioning “Gun Deaths” Internationally

Dave Kopel, Paul Gallant, and Joanne Eisen take a quite detailed look at the figures being toted by proponents of the International Arms Trade Treaty at the Untied Nations. It is rather long, but I’ll reproduce here part of the conclusion:

To the extent that we have been able to reverse engineer the Geneva Declaration Organization’s calculations, we have found repeated instances where the organization made choices which re- sulted in much higher estimates. Sometimes, those estimates have produced results that are out of line with other evidence.

Until the data and calculations are made available to the public, policymakers and concerned global citizens should give no weight to the unsubstantiated factoid of 740,000 deaths.

Not surprising that they are distorting the true numbers. They’ve never been able to win on facts.

2 thoughts on “Questioning “Gun Deaths” Internationally”

  1. I know for a fact that the UN has incorrectly cited the number of firearm homicides in Switzerland, combining it w/ ‘attempted’ murder

  2. How are they going to list the dead in Libya this week? Will they be able to separate out gun deaths from bombing victims? And will a mercenary death equal the death of a rebellious Libyan in their calculations?

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