Weak Case For High Capacity Magazines?

I guess the Steven Hunter op-ed hurt more than I realized, otherwise Josh Horwtiz wouldn’t have felt the need to respond to it. Our opponents need to explain the historical prevalence of magazines holding more than ten rounds, going all the way back to the Henry Rifle. They need to explain it since the bill they are currently pushing in Congress would see every historic Henry Rifle in this country destroyed within a generation.

5 thoughts on “Weak Case For High Capacity Magazines?”

  1. Well, if the Taliban didn’t mind destroying the Buddhas at Bamiyan for the sake of their religion, I can’t see gun controller crazies stopping short of destroying some beautiful and historically significant antique tools.

  2. I’m always astounded at how the anti-gun crowd gets away with making outrageous claims. The reality is the establishment news media have always been the principal allies and agitators of the gun control movement. The movement wouldn’t even exist except for the efforts of the Hollywood/NY infotainment axis of evil.

    The fact is, all that the original Clinton magazine ban did was to put even more +10 round capacity magazines into the hands of the public than would have been otherwise. The fact is a harshly enforced true magazine ban would not prevent lunatics from gunning down extra victims (but could be a prelude to violent civil unrest).

    The fact is only a harshly enforced ban on possession of ammunition in excess of ten rounds could in theory produce the result the anti-gunners claim for a magazine ban, reducing the carnage a lunatic might inflict on the public with a gun. And in practice a person bent on murder/suicide would violate such a ban anyway.

    The fact is a magazine ban is really just a stepping stone to another Brady 2 type law. The original Brady 2 bill was proposed right after the Clinton gun ban of 1994 passed and which Schumer described as “the rest of the camel” after the ‘camels nose’ of the Clinton ban. Among banning possession of “high capacity feeding devices”, “saturday night specials” and “assault weapons”, Brady 2 also included a 300 dollar fee Federal “arsenal license” for the possession of more than 20 guns and/or 1000 rounds of ammunition. I bet even today the Brady Bunch would defend Brady 2 as a “reasonable regulation” allowed under the 2nd Amendment!


  3. It’ll also ban the standard magazines (15rd) from a WWII M1 Carbine. I alerted the collectors over at the Civilian Marksmanship Program as well.

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