One Gun McCarthy’s Magazine Ban Would Ban

The Henry Repeating Rifle:

To the amazed muzzleloader-armed Confederates who had to face this deadly “sixteen shooter,” it was “that damned Yankee rifle that they load on Sunday and shoot all week!”

I for one am very happy that Carrie McCarthy and the gun control groups have such consideration for the lives of confederate soldiers by banning this deadly sixteen shooter.

UPDATE: The interesting thing about her bill is that, normally, a Henry rifle wouldn’t even be considered a firearm for legal purposes, having been made before 1898. It is an antique firearm under federal law, and normally unregulated. But the law bans the magazine on the gun, and thus the gun with it, since the magazine cannot be removed. Because her law chooses to exempt a particular type of attached, fixed magazine, it can be reasonably argued that other types of attached magazines are meant to be covered by the ban. Since the ban makes no distinction between modern and antique firearms, the Henry Rifle is covered by the ban.

20 thoughts on “One Gun McCarthy’s Magazine Ban Would Ban”

  1. but that would knock out the majority of them

    And that’s what steadies your hand? :) I’d call that a feature, rather than a bug.

  2. Don’t forget the tube-fed .22 cal. rifles – both in semi-auto and bolt-action configurations. They can hold 25 .22 Shorts in the tube.

  3. I actually enjoy seeing them smoked out. Keep talking Hoplophobes. Lest we forget who these people are.

  4. Henry replicas would be banned, since they are not .22’s and hold more than ten rounds. 13+1 rounds on the 44-40, 24.25 in. barrel.
    A friend of mine just bought one for Civil War re-enactments. Ban a rifle from the Civil War? That’s nuts!
    One has to remember that Rep. Carolyn McCarthy is the woman who wanted to ban “the shoulder thing that goes up” when she couldn’t even explain what it was. She’s daft! We really do have someone that incompetent writing our laws. Unbelievable.

  5. Oh, and there’s no transfer allowed on the grandfathered magazines. My friend’s new $1200 Henry rifle would have to be buried with him, since it would be illegal for him to transfer it.
    An original Henry from the Civil War would not be transferable after the ban either – illegal to do so.
    With all over ten-round magazine transfers illegal, the anti’s will start working on outright prohibition of possession on the state level. With the Henry’s integral magazine, the whole rifle, replica or original, would have to be surrendered for destruction. Think they won’t do it? They banned every single privately owned handgun in the entire UK – every last one of them, even for Olympic pistol shooters, who then had to practice outside their own country!
    If they can possibly get away with doing it, they will do it.

  6. Does the ban extend to other devices not traditionally considered guns, like Nerf guns, paint ball guns, nail guns, staplers? Nobody can demonstrate a need for any of those.

    Pneumatic guns aren’t just used in home building. Many types of machines, from plastic manufacturing to food processing, use pneumatic guns to shoot out little projectiles.

  7. Doubtful it would cover those, but the definition is very poor. Would it cover an old Western ammo belt that had more than 10 loops on it for ammo? The definition is that bad.

  8. On a side note for all you Eastern Pennsylvania blog readers.

    Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center is a 1,168-acre Pennsylvania state park near Wind Gap, in Bushkill Township, Northampton County.The Jacobsburg National Historic District is almost entirely surrounded by the park. Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center is just off the Belfast exit of Pennsylvania Route 33.

    The Jacobsburg National Historic District, is the location of the Henry Homestead, where the famous Henry rifle was manufactured. Along with the staff of the Jacobsburg Historical Society the center provides a heritage education program, with classes in gunmaking and blacksmithing. Rendezvous and period military encampments are included in the center’s Living History program. The Pennsylvania Longrifle Heritage Museum is located in the Henry Homestead.

    The production of the Henry Rifle was vitally important to the outcome of the French and Indian War, American Revolution, the War of 1812, westward expansion of the American Frontier, and the American Civil War. William Henry opened his first gun factory in Lancaster in 1750. During the French and Indian war he was an armorer for the Braddock Campaign of 1755 and the Forbes Expedition of 1758. His son William Henry II established a small gunmaking shop in Christian Springs in 1778. He moved his operation to Jacobsburg in 1792. Soon he built an iron forge to provide the needed iron to manufacture the Henry Rifle at Jacobsburg. The War of 1812 lead to a greater need for the rifle and Henry II built a second and larger factory in Boulton. The Henry family continued for three generations in manufacturing the Henry Rifle for use in the Civil War and John Jacob Astor’s American Fur Company.

  9. She is a traitor.
    She is a domestic enemy.
    She is an ignorant fool, floating her agenda in the pools of blood shed in Arizona.
    Her actions only make more bloodshed inevitable.



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