Important Gun Rights Bills Up in Florida

Robb Allen has the details, and is asking people to e-mail the committee members if you live in the Gunshine State:

In 1987, open carry was outlawed primarily because of the predictions of wild west shootouts, blood in the streets, gun battles over parking spaces, and normally law abiding people indiscriminately becoming homicidal maniacs. The main opponent of open carry was Janet Reno, then assistant state attorney. She was able to rally support from a vocal group of police administrators with the doom and gloom scenarios. Amazingly enough, the exact same arguments were heard against “shall-issue” concealed carry. Twenty-four years later, and none of the rampant bloodshed predictions about concealed carry have come true.

They are engaging in an effort to overturn the ban on carrying openly. Currently concealment in Florida isn’t a personal choice, it’s required by law.

2 thoughts on “Important Gun Rights Bills Up in Florida”

  1. This would be a fantastic bill to pass in Florida. It might even keep me a resident for good.

    There will be a lot of push-back from the South Florida Tri-County area. Expect to see the local papers hit it hard.

  2. “They are engaging in an effort to overturn the ban on carrying openly.”

    Um, sorta kinda not really: the open carry part is for permit holders only. A Floridian is still obliged to petition the State (and pay fees) in order to exercise an enumerated Right.

    Yeah, it’s an improvement, but it’s not nearly enough.

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