Worse Than ATF

ATF is actually pretty good at getting guns to double up so they can say it’s a machine gun, even if it’s not really. Apparently the New Jersey State Firearms Examiner had some difficulty getting an M1919A4 to actually shoot, but declared it a machine gun anyway.

Well, we already know that evidence in New Jersey isn’t really all that necessary anyway.

One thought on “Worse Than ATF”

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “Every private gun owner is the enemy of the Marxist state, and all their guns are illegal machine guns. We just haven’t gotten that into law yet, but we’re working on it and we’ve had more success with it in New Jersey than in most places. Doesn’t it just make you want to move there? I guess not. We might even have to put a wall around the state to keep people in, but we’ve done that sort of thing before.”

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