Morning Shooting at Para Summer Camp

This morning we got our hands marked up by Todd Jarrett to teach us a proper grip. Let me tell you, it works. My speed and accuracy improved markedly. I still have some difficulty with the draw, but there’s nothing that will correct that except for repetition.

Todd also had us shoot a silhouette target at 25 yards. I did respectably, but let me tell you, Caleb got all of his hits in the kill zone. I had to shoot low and right to find the bullseye.

7 thoughts on “Morning Shooting at Para Summer Camp”

  1. Can some one please get a pic of Dave Hardy with his War Face on?

    It’s funny to me.

  2. Yeah last summer they had that class as well, but it was only for those with permission slips (only 6 signed them). Needless to say, the way I see it, the best way to remember techniques not only stem from either taking pictures or writing it down, but using your mobile phone to record instructions for replication @ a later time has been quite helpful. After all, almost everyone in the states has a mobile, so it only makes sense to use all of it’s capabilities for something useful such as this. I mean it will not be a replacement for continued practice and taking pictures of hand positions, but @ least it’s an aid that will help along in the process.

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