Traver Must Face Confirmation Process

The time for Obama to recess appoint Traver is at an end. This means he has to be confirmed, which I don’t give much of a chance of happening easily given Democratic losses in the Senate.

3 Responses to “Traver Must Face Confirmation Process”

  1. Freiheit says:

    Is there a favored option from the NRA?
    Who is Obamas next pick behind Traver?

  2. Sebastian says:

    NRA is opposing his nomination, so you would expect a confirmation fight. And because of the election, we’re not at the mercy of whatever the Democrats want to do.

  3. Harold says:

    Check the comments of the article you link to for what I find to be a convincing argument that there’s no problem in giving him a recess appointment (granted, I’m the one making the argument :-).

    Note that since the penultimate session of the Congress for Obama’s first term has started, any such recess appointment would be good through 2012.