More Police Die Due to Gun Violence

Before our opponents get all uppity, it is in China:

Three policemen were killed and six people wounded in a shootout with a pair of murder suspects in Ti’an city in eastern China a news report said Wednesday.

Gun crime is relatively rare in China owing to strict gun control laws in the communist state, which outlaw the manufacture, ownership, transport, renting or sale of guns and ammunition by private individuals or institutions.

I think gun crime is relatively rare in China because it’s a police state, and not because of the gun control. I doubt they compile realistic crime statistics anyway. The gun in question was a home made pistol and shotgun. This was a rampage shooter too, it looks like.

4 thoughts on “More Police Die Due to Gun Violence”

  1. I’d bet the actual crime rate is higher than what everyone gets from official statistics. I remember somewhere that once we the Iron Curtain fell, we found actual murder rate in the Soviet Union was higher than the US, not lower as Soviet statistics showed.

  2. While just about everything in China is a guess, some of the people I come in contact with are Chinese who managed to get out and are not going back.

    From them, I get a government estimate of fifty million guns, or one for every twenty odd civilians, and roughly 20,000 gun related homicides a year, plus enough knifings and “personal weapons” homicides to make more than 150,000 homicides a year. The rate seems to be close to 15 per 100,000 – in a police state.


  3. “All political power flows from the barrel of a gun, and the gun must remain firmly in the hands of the state.”

    The complete quote.

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