Mass Shooting in China

China is a gun-free society with a totalitarian government that offers no protection against unreasonable search and seizure, which gun control advocates would probably think means this could never happen.

4 Responses to “Mass Shooting in China”

  1. Robert says:


  2. Sebastian says:

    I didn’t want to steal Uncle’s saying, since it looks like someone sent him the same article they sent me.

  3. BobG says:

    Have they blamed it on the NRA yet?

  4. Zak Johnson says:

    As you indicate, no surprise. Obviously this isn’t even very newsworthy but got reported in the west due to our on-going obsession with guns. What is not reported is how common mass bombings are in China. Explosives are not regulated as closely as guns are there, so they are one of the weapons of choice for settling scores, murdering ex-girl friends and the like. In Turkey, arson is the preferred method. Every country has it’s own style–showing the murder rates are a reflection of larger cultural issues and isn’t connected to the availability of weapons.