Where Are They Now?

Looks like Specter is getting a teaching job at Penn, teaching about the relationship between Congress and the Supreme Court, which no doubt will include how Congress’ power is unlimited. Given Specter’s treatment of Court nominees who dared suggest that Congress’ power might be limited and enumerated, you know, like the constitution says, I can’t imagine he’ll teach otherwise.

In the same Capitol Ideas post, we also find Governor Ed is appearing on Colbert to explain why we’re all wusses. It’s pretty clear Ed Rendell is through with politics, since insulting voters usually doesn’t work out well in the end for most politicians. Ed will, no doubt, be riding off into the sunset.

My displaced Congress Critter, Patrick Murphy, has taken a job with an area law firm with ties to DC. Probably helps that the Murphy Campaign finance chairman is a partner at that firm. This hints to me that Murphy may be Fitzpatrick’s next challenger in 2012. Murphy might be hoping this Tea Party thing is ephemeral, and the Democrats will once again be able to claim this district, which is rightly theirs.

5 thoughts on “Where Are They Now?”

  1. Specter…those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Still supping at the taxpayer trough, too. Is that an addiction for some people? He’s getting full pay and health benefits, isn’t he, despite being fired for cause from his last job?

  2. Count me among those who believe that the Tea Party will fizzle out by 2012. I fear that Murphy has the right idea.

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