More Stomping Video

Thanks to a commenter who pointed to this Redstate video that reveals the moments leading up to the “stomping” incident:

So this pretty much confirms my view that Valle was no passive protester. She was actively out to make trouble. This tends to make me more forgiving of the guy that tried to restrain her, since he could have legitimately believed she was a threat to the candidate. The guy that stomped her shoulder when she was down on the ground though is still an ass. You don’t get forgiven just because the person you were stomping on is a bigger ass.

Also, is anyone creeped out by people chanting a candidate’s name at the top of their lungs? I would have thought libertarianish type people would be more immune to the whole cult of personality attraction, but I think the Ron Paul campaign, and now the Rand Paul campaign has disabused me of that notion.

Beware the libertarian fascists! They want to take over the country and leave you alone!

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  1. Are you sure they’re shouting his name because of his personality and not his stance on the issues? If Ron Paul (and maybe Rand) was running in my district, I could be persuaded–because he’d be the first politician that I’d actually be happy to vote for.

  2. There is a creepy cult of personality aspect to Ron Paul that seems to have been passed onto his son. I think this is more an indicator of the fans than of Ron Paul or Rand Paul. But even the worst cult of personality associated with Obama pales compared to what you can see in the National Geographic special, Inside North Korea (2006).

  3. There is little doubt that she got what she wanted. The Paul supporters were stupid enough to give it to her.

  4. Nobody ever said she was a passive protester, not even she. Her goal was to pull some silly political theater and present Paul (or get a picture taken next to him) with a fake award.

    We already knew that, and I don’t see how this video changes that. Nobody had a right to assault her just because she’s an annoying clown.

    As far as being a “threat to the candidate,” neither the police present nor Rand Paul’s security felt it was necessary to wrestle her to the ground and step on her neck.

    Let’s be honest—We’ve all seen people at protests that we would like to shove to the ground and step on. Most of us just have the sense not to. Not everyone does.

    In my opinion, those guys didn’t actually think she was a threat (what, she was an assassin?), they thought she was an annoying liberal, and acted on their impulses.

  5. Wouldn’t the Objectivist cult have disabused you of that notion ages ago?

  6. Actually, in the video you can see someone, who looks like they may be security, shove her back when she shoves her sign in Paul’s face. When I say threat I don’t necessarily mean deadly threat. Even if she just wanted to throw pie in his face, that’s still an assault, and you can use reasonable force to restrain someone attempting it.

    That said, the forced these two guys used went beyond reasonable once it went from trying to restrain her, to wrestling her to the ground.

  7. Yeah, that was Paul’s security, and they were totally right to push her back away from the door. That is not the same as thinking she was a “threat.” She was an annoying fly, and they brushed her away. Had they thought she was an actual physical threat, they’d have neutralized her. I mean, right?

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