Patrick Murphy Tied to Voter Fraud

The Courier Times is doing a story about Patrick Murphy’s campaign allegedly engaging in voter fraud. Will 8th District voters be able to overcome the margin of fraud? This kind of election year accusation is common, but I would point out that the Courier Times is hardly a friend of the GOP or the right.

4 thoughts on “Patrick Murphy Tied to Voter Fraud”

  1. Gosh, a demo involved in voter fraud. And water is wet, the sun is bright and the sky is(usually) blue…

  2. Nothing will come of this. Murphy will not pay a price. Democrats are never held accountable.

    If Fitzpatrick does lose I hope that he ISN’T the bigger man fights like hell against this obvious fraud.

  3. Interestingly, there are two new apps out to report voter fraud on Election Day. This one from Election Journal is for the iPhone, and one from American Majority that works with Android & other phones.

    As one of my friends said when linking to the American Majority app, it’s a sad day when we need apps like this.

  4. Murph drank ALL the Obama Pelosi kool aid, then him & his campaign went to the CHICAGO School of Voter Fraud & got their degrees. Murphy, just like every other Liberal, willing to cheat, lie and deceive in order to win.

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