NJ Firearms Forum plug

One of the places I can be found arguing on a forum is the NJ Gun Forums, which is a pretty handy resource for shooting in the Garden State. One of the things I found there was this handy google maps mashup showing the location of our hidden rebel bases guns stores and ranges across New Jersey.

4 thoughts on “NJ Firearms Forum plug”

  1. I love arguing one there as well. Especially with all the balls out CCW people.

    I sick to my guns by saying the earth will spin off it’s axis before NJ gets CCW.

    Maybe we can people to argue here?

  2. If you mean by positive action from the NJ legislature, sure. After Heller and McDonald, and with the SAF shall-issue cases? NJ is going to be forced by constitutional law to get CCW

  3. There is so much more to change regarding CCW, then simply making NJ *shall* issue. It will take BOATLOADS of money. And I don’t see it happening in my lifetime.

    But did you see some of the comments over there about NJ CCW reform? Gunnies ACTUALLY using anti gunner talking points because they are afraid of people shooting it out over parking spaces.

  4. One lawsuit to force shall-issue; then a pot of 1983 suits. Seriously, once the Westchester County suit goes through, you write “any lawful purpose” on the application, and bob’s your uncle. (At least, if you’re the second guy to do so). Pick the right judge and maybe the first one gets it. This is the state that gave a totally blind man a fid, too.

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