John Smith: Domestic Terrorist

Cemetery tells a story of a man with a common name who found out he was on the terrorist watch list. I was surprised that he has issues purchasing firearms, but New Jersey does a different background check than most states. Maybe that ends up showing up in New Jersey’s system. If it’s a NICS thing, that makes me wonder how the FBI is already using the list.

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  1. I would imagine that there are plenty of “John Smiths” who have committed felonies, domestic abuse, are insane, are suspected terrorists or everything else on the NICS form that you normally check no.

    I wouldn’t chalk it up to the terror no fly list being used during a gun purchase. Just a common name.

  2. While NICS is ‘supposedly’ separate, I DO believe the administration is trying to consolidate ALL the lists into one, then we’re ALL in trouble…

  3. “While NICS is ’supposedly’ separate, I DO believe the administration is trying to consolidate ALL the lists into one, then we’re ALL in trouble…”

    Trying? I think it’s already a done deal. This is the Obama bunch calling the shots here now – they simply cannot be trusted to obey laws that they don’t like. Obama himself does not even respect the United States Constitution itself – he basically said as much on Chicago’s NPR station about ten years ago.

    These are the same people who offered Joe Sestak a job illegally to drop out of the Democratic primary against their buddy Arlen Specter, then lied about it for over two months, and then more recently got another equally huge liar (Bill Clinton) to put out their ridiculous cover story.

    Remember in November.

  4. May have difficulty obtaining handguns, but once he has the FOID I can’t imagine he has that much difficulty getting longarms. It took me less time to pass the (phone) check than it did to fill out the 4473; and most of the time on the phone was spent authenticating the store. As near as I can recall the call was basically, “This is , I have with FOID # have you revoked his FOID? No? Good. Thank you.” (Which was good, because I was in there *just* under the wire for that live call – NJ SP shuts down the BG check line hard on 5 pm).

    Handguns, of course, require an indefinitely long wait for the Staties to run their checks – many of which are MUCH stricter than the federal checks – and the locals have been known to call employers, mail questionaires to references, etc. (As does the initial FOID check, mind you. It’s the same paperwork and potentially the same hassle; though when I had to get a new card after moving they didn’t do the reference check, and I never heard of them checking with my employer).

  5. Look, I think we can all agree that these lists are a stupid idea, but you can blame it all on the current administration. Republicans need to take some responsibility for this monster they have created.

    Being not as bad as the democrats is only going to carry that party so far.

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