Open Carry Ban Rejected by California Senate

I can’t remember the last time the California legislature actually voted down a new gun control law, but that appears to have happened. Are the gun control groups losing their juice even in the California Legislature? I’m sure even in California, politicians have more to gain than they have to lose by voting down stuff like this.

3 thoughts on “Open Carry Ban Rejected by California Senate”

  1. They also canned a long-gun registration scheme like Canada’s, and government storage of ammunition purchases.

    The idiots are out of money, and at least the above law would have required more spending. It is sort of sinking in that the water is rising in the bilges…

  2. I’m pretty sure that the reason is not that they suddenly turned pro-gun. More likely, after MacDonald, they were afraid that given current concealed carry situation in Kommiefornia, if they banned open carry they would have simply opened themselves up to a lawsuit.

  3. The anti-incumbent feeling is very strong right now in California and directed at the legislature, not the Governor, so the Stupidslature is walking on eggshells.

    The Dems tried a last-minute ram-it-through move and came up against a last-minute run-out-the-clock strategy that beat them – that and there were enough Democrats who don’t want to be known as Anti’s. They’re not a homogeneous group those CA Democrats, it kinda depends on if they’re SoCal, NorCal, Angelenos or BayAryans. Given the same geographical distribution issues, it also means there are enough Republicans Anti’s that it makes things confusing.
    A state-wide ban on Open Carry – for an empty, ranching place like Yolo County – that is crazy and insensible. Laws sensible (or not) for Berkeley are not appropriate for Susanville…

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