Gun Show Bill – Where Gun Control Comes From

The Brady Campaign are engaged in a new media campaign to try to bring the number of sponsors of HR 2324, the bill that would severely reduce the number of gun shows in this country through onerous regulation, up to one hundred. The current number of Congressional Cosponsors is 82. That’s not a bill that’s going anywhere, really. One striking aspect of the sponsors and cosponsors is just how geographically concentrated they are. To show you, I made up a quick map:

View Sponsors and Cosponsors of HR2324 in a larger map
I took the sponsors and cosponsors of this bill, and dropped a pin on their district offices so you can get an idea of where they represent. You can see significant clustering. Fully 60% of the bill’s sponsors are located in just three states: California, New York and New Jersey. A full twenty nine US states do not have any members of their delegation sponsoring this bill. Of the twenty-one that do, eight of those states only have one rogue member of their delegation, and seven more only have two members of their delegation (Pennsylvania has two, Fattah (Philly) and Schwartz (Philly & Montco)). Illinois has five members, all in Chicago. Massachusetts has three, centered around Boston. Within California, support is concentrated around Los Angeles and San Francisco almost exclusively. Within New York, around New York City. Within New Jersey, it is almost exclusively confined to the populated areas near New York City and Central New Jersey.

This is not broad support. This is a few cities trying to impose their attitudes toward guns and gun ownership on the rest of the country. Eighty three sponsors and cosponsors are only nineteen percent of Congress, after all. So I agree with the Brady Campaign on this one. Call your Congress Critter. If he or she is on this list, tell he/she you want them off it, and if he/she is not on it, please ask them to oppose HR 2324.

4 Responses to “Gun Show Bill – Where Gun Control Comes From”

  1. Andrew C says:

    One advantage to living in Idaho – I know which way my congresscritters are voting on this bill already!

  2. Wai says:

    Sad thing is, my congresscritter will vote the way s/he wants to vote. I’ve written to my critters and I’ve only gotten 2 or 3 responses from them, out of all the ones I’ve written to. Then there are the obvious ones who are so anti-gun that I wouldn’t even bother writing to.

  3. Shawn says:

    Ed Pastor. I’m not really surprized. But I checked the AZ NRA grades and election results for 08. Seems like all the people that move from kalifornistan are starting to turn our house and senate into something like theirs. I didn’t know it was becoming so bad in CA border states.

    CA voters. The people they vote for destroy the state. So they move and destroy the states they move to. Makes me think of the spread of a disease.

  4. Mikee says:

    I saw the single point in Texas and was confused, until I clicked on it and Shiela Jackson Lee, (Deranged), Houston, showed up.

    I guess I try to forget about her as much as possible. As we say down south in deprecating forgiveness, “May God bless her.”

    This is the same Representative who, in a townhall meeting on healtcare, used a woman pretending to be a doctor to suggest that physicians support Obamacare. The old tricks are the best, I suppose.