If you had told me …

… back in November of 2008 that in August of 2010, the head of the Brady Center would be upset with President Obama for parroting an NRA line of “better enforcement” I would have said you were nuts, but this is a strange world we live in. Things must be pretty gloomy at Brady HQ these days.

I will make a prediction that will cheer them up. Hillary is going to primary Barry in 2012. After the 2010 elections, she’ll be one of the first off this RMS Titanic of an Administration. She’ll write a book preaching about how incompetent this Administration has been, and sell herself as the savior of modern progressivism. She might even return the Brady’s phone calls. I’m pretty convinced if the GOP takes back the House, she’s going to set herself up to unseat Barry in the 2012 primary.

5 thoughts on “If you had told me …”

  1. Hillary? Naah. Barry should really fear the Man from Plains. He still has a term of eligibility left, and he can make a strong case that he would be more competent than Barry.

  2. I dunno – I think she had her chance in 2008 and was rejected.

    OTOH, I still wouldn’t bet more than a donut that Barry will even run in 2012 – being President is harder than it looks, apparently.

    And (sorta related) when did Mirror-Universe Fred Thompson cross over to our universe?

  3. He still has a term of eligibility left, and he can make a strong case that he would be more competent than Barry.

    “As bad as I was, at least I didn’t do as badly as he did!”

  4. Could happen. It’d be a tough announcement to make politically, and I don’t yet see how she resigns out of the blue and announces she’s running without some kind of cover, excuse or provocation. Which Barry will be equally determined to deny her. But the instant she resigns as SecState I’ll say you’re right.

    I’m starting to get just slightly optimistic about 2012. Barry won with 52% of the popular vote, and his approval has slid from 70% to 40%. I’d like to think that 30% should translate into 3% in the ballot box. But there’s a lot of time left for further developments politically and economically, and I’m trying not to underestimate partisan loyalty, personal loyalty, rent-seeking via welfare and wealth redistribution, and outright vote fraud.

    I expect 2012 to be an ugly and possibly corrupt election. And I’m not sure the GOP institutionally is prepared even to fight against corruption, instead of rolling over and accepting the fait accompli.

  5. Something that makes me a little happier with the GOP’s chances is that they don’t really have any more old warhorses that can plausibly run for president. McCain was the last gasp of that class of Republican presidential candidates.

    This does leave them with a problem of lack of depth on the bench, but I think that is more than made up for by the youthful exuberance. Lets put it this way – I think if the election of 2008 had in fact been Palin vs Obama *and* Tina Fey hadn’t been around to be a Palin lookalike (I am not going to underestimate the power that gave the MSM in making Palin look foolish), it would have been a toss-up race. 2008 was the Democratic party’s race to lose, and they still almost managed it – almost entirely because of the lack of useful energy on McCain’s team and a badly-timed break in the economy.

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