Quick Update

We’re hearing turnout in GOP districts is phenomenal.  This is very good news.  It’s practically standing room only for get out the vote.  We’re overwhelmed with people wanting to make phone calls.

Yesterday, our Victory Office made 22500 calls, which accounts for 10% of the total volume in Pennsylvania.  So far today, Bitter and I have called 350 households.  We’re going to head back and make some more phone calls shortly.

3 thoughts on “Quick Update”

  1. Good work guys. We’re praying that you guys cancel out the rigging that is likely taking place in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

  2. I worked as a poll watcher in Trevose, PA today from 7AM to 6PM and Republican turn out was at about 80% when I left. Lots of young republicans, too. Even a few registered Dems wearing “I am with Sarah” shirts.

    Turn out overall at that precint was nearly at 70%, about twice as much as previous presidential elections according to the poll workers there.

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