It is Done

We made 800 calls to households between the two of us to get out the vote.  Our county had a goal of 20,000 phone calls.  We actually made 35,394 phone calls to households.  We stayed late, because two precincts had extended hours because of problems at the polling place.  I really feel like we did everything we could.  I hope to God it was enough.  Time will tell.  I’m blacking out news until there’s actual, real data.  For me, this election is over.  It’s just a matter of results… and the aftermath.

5 thoughts on “It is Done”

  1. Sebastian,
    Thanks very much to you and Bitter for the foot-work and brain-work you did through this election. Even though I don’t live in PA anymore, I am grateful to have folks like you guys working for the rights of the state I grew up in.

  2. I’m at the Manion office now. Tom has just walked in, and waile not given up, just made the “It was a good fight” speech. It’s a shame that SEPA and its sportsmen couldn’t defeat Murphy.

  3. Thank you & Bitter for your effort in an important swing state. Saying any more would just add noise.

    Thank You!


  4. Well, I voted straight Republican over here in NJ, not that it made a difference. Even Lautenberg got re-elected. I guess being over 75 or even 70 only matters if the politician in question is on the GOP ticket.

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