“Shoot Me First” Vest for iPad

Who knows, maybe the device could stop a bullet. But hey, if Steven Jobs makes concealed carry wear fashionable because people need a way to carry around iPad’s, that’s fine by me.

7 Responses to ““Shoot Me First” Vest for iPad”

  1. Dann in Ohio says:

    “Officer, why’d you shoot him? He was only reaching for his iPad!”

  2. LC Scotty says:

    OT: Someone has kicked over a hornets nest at the Brady facebook page. Pro gun comments are showing up faster than they can delete them and ban the users.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Can you provide a link?

  4. LC Scotty says:

    That whole thing should be the url but the last bit is getting cut off.

  5. Ian Argent says:

    You saw me wearing mine at the Windstorm Wyattpalooza just past. The big advantage to these over a photog vest is that the (ginormous and abundant) pockets aren’t particularly evident, and they really do distribute the weight nicely. Put the sleeves on and it’s a windbreaker, appropriate for at least half the year around here. High summer it might be a bit more obvious, I suppose.

    I have found that the pockets bulge if I zip while carrying bulky items, and if you’re paying attention to the way the vest moves you can tell that I’m carrying something heavy, typically water bottles, but I’ve also toted hardback books, (print) magazines, stuff like that.

    I obviously can’t (legally) do so off my property (and wouldn’t do so if it was loaded anyway, for obvious safety reasons), but I will note that a G17L will fit in the main front pocket and there is a strap to secure a holster to, so a pistol more suited to pocket carry would be a definite option.

  6. Rob K says:

    Though it’s never happened yet, I’ve always figured if anyone saw the lump on my belt and asked what it was, I’d say it was my “PDA” which wouldn’t be a lie — it’s my Personal Defensive Assistant.