Public Range Shooter Caught

Some excellent good old fashioned police work have lead authorities to get a suspect into custody. Sounds like the alleged murderer was a correctional officer. Police called out the SWAT team to bring him in. I would like to note this is a use of SWAT teams I can approve of. I also got a chuckle out of this:

For two days, authorities scoured the range for evidence — a tough job because of all the spent shell casings littering the grounds. By the end of last week, police said they knew the kind of gun used to kill Getgen.

Yeah, not the place I’d want to have to gather evidence on a shooting — but they did it, and got their man. I am very happy they caught this guy. This was indeed a case of murdering the guy to get his gun, which made him very dangerous to have roaming the streets, which hopefully after a fair trial, he will never see again.

15 thoughts on “Public Range Shooter Caught”

  1. I suspect that the Brady Campaign, if they open their mouths about this at all, will try to paint ranges as dangerous places and conveniently omit that the culprit was one of their favored government employees who ought to be trusted with weapons.

  2. A corrections officer, kills a guy…to take his rifle? Are times REALLY that hard?

  3. I hope they throw that corrections officer into general pop at the prison he worked in. Until the trial is over, at which time they fry his ass (if he’s still alive)

  4. I’m still wondering just what kind of a moron steals a suppressor. I mean, a hot can is pure kryptonite. A hot .308 Win can is practically unsalable kryptonite.

  5. @Tam: like many crooks, passable on tactics, not so much on strategy.

    The underpants gnomes seem to have gotten their business plan from small-time crooks

  6. Didn’t read the article. Didn’t get past the first 1.5 lines. But I sure as hell let out a loud ‘YES!!’. I was really hoping this one wouldn’t go unsolved.

    Now…to actually read some detail.

  7. Tam, here’s the answer to your question.

    When you are willing to kill somebody to get his rifle so you can overthrow the government, you typically don’t really care about the legal issues of having stolen a suppressor.

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