If Dr. Seuss had a PA LTCF

Credit for this goes to DaveM55 on PA Firearms Owners Association:

You can carry in a house,
you carry with a mouse.
You can carry in a car,
and even in a bar.
You can’t carry in the court,
but you can around the port.
You can carry eating supper,
you can carry an AR upper.
You can’t carry in the school,
but you can carry playing pool.
You can carry more than one gun,
you can carry while you run.
You can carry with your brother,
you can carry a real big mother.
You can carry in a boat,
you can carry with a goat.
You can carry hollow point ammo,
you can carry wearing camo.
You can carry it under a shirt,
you can carry till it hurts.
You can carry it unconcealed,
you can carry in a hayfield.
You can carry in a tree.
it’s good to carry you will see!

One thought on “If Dr. Seuss had a PA LTCF”

  1. when I read the biography of Dr. suess realy I suprised beacause finally I understand he had no children but he loves children than he could write for them.also I think a human must have a child soul that could be with them.

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