It Must Have Been Painful to Write

I’m guessing typing every word was pure agony, but over on the Brady Facebook, it seems they had to do a bit of “Let’s stay focused” on some of their Facebook Fans:

Every rational person supports that position, except, apparently for the Brady Campaign. What if their core supporters don’t want to “better regulate guns to keep them out of dangerous hands?” Will they keep donating if the best they can hope for is to make all sales go through an FFL?

In other news, it looks like pro-2A voices can get through the “Reasoned Discorse” filter on the weekends when they probably aren’t paying attention.

9 thoughts on “It Must Have Been Painful to Write”

  1. Every minute one of their interns spends deleting comments, banning people or simply stopping to check for “objectionable content” is a minute that they aren’t doing something the Brady’s consider nominally useful.

  2. Uhhh, I actually did buy some of my handguns specifically to kill people… I just pray that I’m never put in a position by a criminal where I have to kill to protect my family.

  3. Hey Sebastian, did ya catch this off to the left side of the Brady FB page:
    – – – – –
    Please post gun violence prevention resources here.

    As a reminder, this is not a page for “debating” about guns.

    To have a discussion with just fellow Brady supporters, join our private group:
    – – – – –

  4. …Please note that per their photos, the two handgun-banners are either boys in the 10 to 15 age group, or they are pretending to be, for reasons about which I shall not speculate.

  5. I recognize some of the anti-gun trolls on that board as users from some of the pro-gun boards, trolling the more gullible pro-gun visitors. It’s just trolls trolling trolls.

    I’m guessing the composition of that site is:
    80 percent pro-gun people trolling brady
    19.9 percent pro-gun people trolling the pro-gun people by pretending to be anti-gun
    0.1 percent actual anti-gun people who have no idea what is going on

  6. That was the first thing that struck me too, Roberta. I find it annoying to receive self-righteous lectures about revised history from someone who doesn’t even look old enough to drive.

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