DISCLOSE is Almost-But-Not-Quite Dead

From the Center for Competitive Politics, who’s mission it is to fight campaign finance laws that infringe on the First Amendment:

I just wanted to let you know, if you haven’t heard already, that the Senate Republicans held together yesterday to block the DISCLOSE Act from being considered. This is a major win for the First Amendment, and a big setback for the speech regulators.

Unfortunately, that is all it is – a setback. Senator Schumer, who’s been leading the charge for the DISCLOSE Act in the Senate, has vowed to bring it back up as often as it takes to pass it. Needless to say, the Center for Competitive Politics will continue to do everything we can to prevent this speech-killing legislation from being passed. We are already talking with people on Capitol Hill to make sure that all 41 Republicans remain “no” votes on this bill, and also are reaching out to a handful of Democrats that might potentially switch to “no.”

As soon as I’m home from Hawaii, when money will not be as tight, I’m going to kick these guys another donation. I’m glad there’s an organization out there dedicated to battling the quashing of political speech under the guise of campaign finance reform.