4 thoughts on “Revolt in New York State Senate”

  1. I saw that this change took effect but it may not be a help for pro gun and the microstamping. Are these two pro gun or not? I do not know anything about their record

  2. What happened today here in New York will help safeguard our freedoms…with the change in power, the powerful Chairman of the Codes Committee has been given to staunch Second Amendment advocate, Senator Dale Volker.

    Remain vigilant…but things are better than yesterday.


  3. It’s unlikely that switching to the Republican party would make them less pro-gun or more anti-gun. The reverse would be more of a possibility. Also, the procedural advantage of being in the majority opens up lots more ways to block a bad bill or push a good one. Definitely a good thing. Prepare the sad panda icon, I hope there will be good cause to use it.

  4. While I agree that having Dale Volker heading up codes again can only be a good thing, Keep in mind that this republican majority has controlled the NYS Senate for four decades (40 years) and NY is still in the state that is in.

    The republican control the senate allows a much better check against the assembly meatheads, but because legislation still needs to pass thru both houses, it’s pretty much a stalemate.

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