PA State GOP Looking to Squander 2010

All across the board, as I hear more and more about what’s been going on with the Pennsylvania GOP, the message seems to be from the party apparatchiks that they are in charge, and you wormy little tea-baggers can go get bent. In our district, it appears they are all going to all but anoint Mike Fitzpatrick, who already lost to Pat Murphy once with the advantage of incumbency. I seriously question that he can win. Rumors abound that the GOP is doing much the same on the state level.

The GOP in Pennsylvania is scared to death of this grassroots movement that’s formed up to oppose the Obama/Pelosi agenda. While other state parties are happy to work with it, the PA GOP is essentially telling the grass roots to go to hell. This is a recipe for disaster. And it would not seem that, rounding out the desert menu, Reasoned DiscourseTM is breaking out all over the State GOP Facebook Page in regards to the party hacks’ chosen candidates.

Pennsylvania will remain a true blue state as long as the GOP hacks insist on fighting their own grass roots rather than the Democrats. This is a new world, and a new political climate, and they had best start getting used to it. Democracy is ugly. But the alternative is far worse. I have to wonder whether the PA GOP really agrees with that.

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  1. Florida is going tea party in a big way. Marco Rubio is absolutely destroying Crist right now. It’s awesome. Rubio is basically a hispanic Reagan. I could really see him being presidential material one of these days.

  2. Don’t feel so bad. Here, in Illinois, the same bumbling state GOP that couldn’t even defeat the highly defective Senate candiate Obama six years ago isn’t even aware of the Tea Party thing at all.
    Republican Mark Kirk is a lead-pipe cinch to obliterate the crooked, connected Alexi Giannoulias in the new Senate race. But believe it, we’re not counting on it.
    The stumblebum instant Governor Pat Quinn has little chance against the gen-yoo-ine conservative Downstater (that means, “not Chicago”) Bill Brady.
    But lots of us are putting the expression “Governor Brady” out of our minds.
    So, sympathies to our Keystone friends.

  3. If Fitzpatrick is the GOP candidate after the primary, and there’s no other third party candidate, I’m inclined to vote for Murphy (gag) or not vote at all. I’d rather have two more years of spawn of Murtha and be able to run a quality conservative against him in the next election than be stuck with Fitzpatrick for who knows how long (his claims that he doesn’t want to be a career politician not withstanding.)

    Makes me sick to vote for Murphy, but if the GOP is going to push their flip-flopper, I don’t have to vote for him. Maybe then they’ll learn a lesson about doing what the voters want, instead of what a couple of people in Doylestown want.

  4. Libertarians need to focus on PA and IL this election cycle. Anywhere the GOP candidate is weak, and the Dems are taking heat, the Libertarians should be pounding like the proverbial German porno.

    It’s there chance for glory. But they will squander it, too.

  5. We are having the same problem in Ohio. The ORP is still more concerned with getting their pets into office rather than conservatives and it is going to hurt them again.

    For the gubernatorial race, the best they could do was throw up a supporter for the Clinton assault weapons ban against an NRA A+ rated Democratic incumbent. For the Attorney General race that will also be facing a pro-gun Democratic incumbent, they strong-armed and pushed aside a pro-gun candidate in favor of former Brady backed Senator Mike DeWine.

    When it is antis against pro-gun candidates, I don’t care what silly little letter is beside their name.

  6. I’m willing to sacrifice another election cycle to teach GOP a lesson. A little more pain for a long term solution. The party hacks telling us who we may vote for has got to be destroyed.

  7. Sounds like ya’ll need to go truely grass-roots. The TEA Party needs to find and select a suitable conservative candidate, even if he’s NOT supported by the RINOs. Then spread the word- hard, fast & furious. Ask the little people (that’s you & me) for little donations. Make a big push & as much noise as you can. Let the GOP RINOs know that you (collectively) are NOT supporting THEIR candidate.

    We did it in Utah for the Rep 2nd District, & elected conservative Chaffetz against the RINO incumbant.

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