Profile of California Sheriff Challenging Ammo Sales Law

Chuckling at the surreal:

Tehama County Sheriff Clay Parker didn’t know that he would be named as the lead plaintiff on a suit challenging a new law that would require handgun ammunition buyers to register with the government.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” he said Tuesday, chuckling as he recounted opening his mail last week and seeing the civil complaint with “Sheriff Clay Parker v. The State of California” on the cover sheet.

It’s a very friendly piece worth a click.

One thought on “Profile of California Sheriff Challenging Ammo Sales Law”

  1. Importing heroin from Afghanistan, cocaine from Columbia, underage victims for slavery prostitution from El Salvador, and cigarettes from North Carolina? Routine. Importing bullets from Nevada? Umpossible.

    Just a job set aside for felons. “For too long have drug mules languished without meaningful opportunity at career advancement!”

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