Licensing Journalists

There’s a Michigan lawmaker who’s proposing the idea. This is unconstitutional, of course, as there are a number of cases that put the kibosh on licensing the First Amendment.  But I have to wonder how many of the journalists who might look at such a proposal with righteous indignation will turn around and propose allowing government to license the Second Amendment right?

6 thoughts on “Licensing Journalists”

  1. Of course they’ll be insulted at the idea they should be licensed.

    After all, in their world view they serve a vital public good, and the 1st amendment is what keeps this country free. That and they have such important thoughts the rest of us need to read…

    In contrast, I’d bet 90% of newspaper ‘journalists’ consider the 2nd amendment an outdated, antiquated ‘right’ refering to the national guard.

    As unconstitutional as it would be, I’d kind of like to see them push for it just to see the media scream about THEIR rights being violated.

  2. “… how many of the journalists who might look at such a proposal with righteous indignation…”

    What, you forgot about the “Fairness Doctrine” already? :)

    Oh, I think a lot of journalists will love this idea, since it would be a perfect mechanism to shut down political blogs and new-media type operations that are undercutting MSM dominance.

    They will also love it because the licensing authority will make sure that only the “right” kind of news operations are licensed — that is, the ones with the “left” kind of views.

    And once this is in place, it will be a natural to extend it to the Second Amendment, to make sure only the “right” people have guns.

  3. O/T, but here’s news to the “Michigan lawmaker” – there’s a growing sentiment in the country to license you dolts to practice politics, prior to allowing you meddlers anywhere near the people’s government. Considering the huge amount of legal and economic power you may get to wield, an extensive background investigation, including a comprehensive mental health check by a competent person (not a lefty) is in order.

  4. Oh God I would love to license journalists!!! They are far more damaging to our republic than the average law-abiding gun owner. The “Journalist Loophole” MUST be closed!!!!!

    To receive a journalism license (license to practice Journalism) they should have to undergo the following:

    1) full background check
    2) fingerprinting
    3) at least two references called to verify character
    4) Be charged $46 for a license that lasts 5 years
    5) have the license revoked for any number of reasons unrelated to journalism
    6) have to undergo journalism training.
    7) You cannot practice journalism is schools, courthouses or federal buildings.
    8) Your journalism license is not recognized in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, DC, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc….

    My only question with the licensing of journalists?: Who who then be the “Only Ones” who could practice journalism without being harassed. I imagine it would be extreme-left wing government authorized journalists.

  5. I agree with making the rhetorical argument, but could see where, like Eric said, a lot of them would embrace licensing if it meant purifying the political standpoint of journalists.

    Don’t worry about whether it’s Constitutional, if Elana, Sonia, David Souter, and Ruth/Buzzy can convince Anthony Kennedy on it, it will stand.

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