They Don’t Even Believe in the First

I guess it’s difficult to get left wing journalists to believe in the Second Amendment, when they don’t even seem to believe in the First. There’s something rotten in Denmark.

2 Responses to “They Don’t Even Believe in the First”

  1. J Richardson says:

    You will notice that a few of the emails are from UCLA Law Professor Jonathan Zasloff. For a law professor to advocate suppressing a new organization is unconscionable.

    Here is a link to his faculty profile:

  2. DirtCrashr says:

    That’s what struck me too – a “Law” professor – what a douchebag. He looks pretty young – and judging from his liberal hive-conformity, it seems like he’s grown-up entirely within the milieu of his own choosing. These people are clones, the Borg.