Still Going

Joe notes that gun sales for 2010, so far, are only off a bit from 2009, when Obama took office. My guess is you have a lot of noobs in that crowd who bought their first gun, and are continuing to buy. Most people will never develop extensive collections, but every house ought to have a pistol, a shotgun, and a rifle.

Walking around the gun show this weekend, I was still hearing dealers explaining how the process worked. We’re still making new gun owners out there. I think this whole sales boom might continue until people start feeling better about the economy.

5 thoughts on “Still Going”

  1. I’m one of the noobs. Got my pistols (not enough), and a .22 rifle (CZ). I still need to get a real caliber rifle, and a shotgun, but will wait until I’m out of grad school in a few months.

  2. We bought our first in ’09. Our collection has since multiplied exponentially several times.

  3. Yeah but how much is a “collection”? Some people have upwards of 20-30 guns, some have maybe 3-4, most seem to have around a dozen.

  4. My description might go, “a rifle, a shotgun, a pistol, and one or more .22s”, to cover the spectrum.
    As Col. Cooper insisted, the .22 is the most important caliber.

  5. @ Shawn
    Depends on who you ask I guess. I’d consider my collection undersized and very incomplete, and I have a dozen firearms.

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