Guess Who Doesn’t Win Brady Endorsement?

Congressman Patrick Murphy is not among the Brady list of endorsed candidates.  Joe Sestak got one.  So did Allyson Schwartz.  Of course, the NRA rated him a D-.  He’ll win no friends on the gun issue this election.  This is what we call a poor political calculation.

There’s a lot to be gained by being pro-gun.  A lot of the Tom Manion signs and bumper stickers around Bucks County were put up by my volunteers, or were given out by my volunteers.  I have people phone banking for NRA endorsed candidates.  We’ve been stuffing envelopes for Tom Manion and John McCain.  This could all be working for you Pat, but now it’s working against you.  Where are your throngs of volunteers, coordinators, and bloggers from CeaseFire PA or the Brady Campaign?  Even if you hadn’t pissed them off too, there’s none to be had, because they aren’t a real grass roots movement.

We don’t ask for much Congressman Murphy, just that you vote consistently with the Second Amendment.  But you don’t, so our support goes to your opponent.  I am an independent, and a single issue activist.  I have no special love for the Republican Party.  But I definitely don’t have any love for you when you sign on to ban the guns I shoot with competitively.