9 thoughts on “Now We’re a Cancer”

  1. Veteran? OK, big deal. John Kerry, Jimmha Carter and Chucky Rangle are veterans. So was john murtha, the craven pos. George McGovern….

    The ‘writer’ here did his 4 years and got out. Apparently never saw combat (the 25th only sent a 4 mixed platoons to Desert Storm, and was kept in the rear as ‘security’ for the command post….hardly a stellar example). And qualifying with basic infantry weapons? Trust me, you WILL qualify even if you have to use a magic pencil, because it’s too much hassle to bring your sorry self back out to the range to do it again.

    Lets face it: Leon Uris this guy isn’t. He is good at sucking up to the left though – thinking that they will actually let him be part of their club.

  2. You mean even in the US military you can find personalities that could be described as “dim bulbs?”

    Who’d a thunk it?

  3. When I was a cadet at the Air Force Academy, one of the commandants called cynicism about leadership’s handling of various issues a “cancer.” The next day, there were signs around the cadet area saying, “I am the cancer.”

    May we be be fruitful and metastisize.

  4. “With a bolt-action rifle and a telescopic sight, I could put a bullet through my neighbor from a hundred yards away as he crosses his living room. With a Glock 17 pistol stashed in my briefcase, I could enter a boardroom, coolly dispatch a dozen executives, and still have five rounds left to deal with the security guards”

    Somebody at the Enquirer should notify Human resources about this fella. He seems to have anger management issues!

  5. Looks like the comments have quite a few well-written and polite “Thank you for your service but please STFU and GTFO” responses.

    He’s talking about the damage he could do with firearms when he was trained in improvised explosives like the Eagle Fireball? He obviously lacks initiative and creativity.

  6. Why is ALL the emphasis placed on the second amendment, with no mention at all of our STATE constitution, which most certainly does guarantee the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, as well as defense of the state?

    If the argument is that the second amendment was intended to safeguard state militias from federal disamament, and a state explicitly guarantees to its citizens the right to bear arms for that purpose, as well as for self-defense, why does he not look past the federal constitution?

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