PA Gun Club Caves to Keith Olbermann

Let’s pretend you are a member of a gun club. Keith Olbermann attacks you because you’re going to allow right-of-center folks to come to your shooting range to shoot guns & very possibly say less than pleasant things about far left policies & socialism. Why would you cave to Keith Olbermann? He’s not your friend. He doesn’t even believe in the Second Amendment and declared SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia as the “Worst Person in the World” for writing the Heller opinion.


Apparently, if you’re on the board of Elstonville Sportsmen’s Association, you vote to cave to Keith Olbermann. Really?

They were to host a fundraising shoot by the Commonwealth Foundation next weekend, and part of the arranged fun was to include targeting a car with bad policy names written on it – cap and trade, Obamacare, and card check. The idea of conservatives blowing holes through their policy positions painted on the side of a junker car (perhaps a clunker not turned in during Cash for Clunkers?) sent Keith Olbermann’s head spinning, along with some others in the media.

Just minutes ago, Commonwealth Foundation announced that Elstonville’s leaders have pulled the plug on the event because of pressure from people who don’t even support their right to have a gun club.

In the 11th hour, under intense pressure from those who would deny the freedoms in the First and Second Amendments, the host of the Commonwealth Foundation’s second annual LiveFreePA celebration pulled the plug. Due to the short notice, the Commonwealth Foundation will reschedule LiveFreePA for the fall, at a club that stands tall for our rights and freedoms.

The Elstonville Sportsmen’s Association’s decision is regrettable, but more regrettable are the attacks on this lighthearted and safe event by left-wing pundits and gun-control advocates. This reminds us all that if the inalienable rights of citizens to express and protect themselves are to survive, those who cherish them must stand firm against those who seek to erode or limit those rights. This incident underscores how vulnerable our freedom truly is, and the need to celebrate and defend it anew.

Seriously? The gun club has no statement on the matter, so if there is more to this, they are keeping their lips locked.

10 thoughts on “PA Gun Club Caves to Keith Olbermann”

  1. The club culture in this state is seriously ill when it comes to standing up for their rights. Most of them just want to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches. If we lose PA like we lost NJ, this will be a big part of the reason why.

  2. The same people who lost their rights in New Jersey are helping to create that culture here in Pennsylvania. Some come here and stand up to fight gun control. But you and I both see plenty who would rather keep going about their old habits from the Garden State that sent them packing for the Commonwealth in the first place.

  3. In their defense, it does look like they are hosting an Appleseed — which is non-partisan, but decidedly pro-liberty in nature, from what I’ve read.

    Follow the money — I’d be interested to see if there is a regular donor to the club that was offended by the event. If a member that regularly funnels a significant chunk of dough into the range each year complained, I’d imagine that would get the attention of any board pretty quick.

    1. I’m not sure how hosting an Appleseed is a defense. That’s all talk about liberty, but helping the Commonwealth Foundation is actually making sure someone is in Harrisburg to fight the assaults on liberty and promote better small-government policies. If that is the club’s defense, then I would say they are nuts. That would indicate they would rather shoot people than actually keep things from getting so bad that they feel the need to shoot people.

  4. Maybe the Board of the club could attend their Appleseed and learn something about backbones.

    I noticed that Ted Nugent attended that same Foundation event last year. I wonder what he would say to the club rolling over this year? I bet it would be something to do with defiance and the collective middle finger.

  5. Haven’t seen Uberdouche in a long time. Nice to see he still hates people who destroy him in the ratings and anyone who can read the Constitution.

  6. I agree with Bitter …… hosting one Appleseed is great, but hardly a game-changer.

    The club I used to belong to in Chattanooga held DCM high power, rimfire and pistol silouehette matches every month that were open to the public.

    Elstonville’s caving? 2A fail.

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