It Takes Some Nerve

The Philadelphia Inquirer is noting the growing momentum of the anti-gun movement in Pennsylvania, and taking shots at the only man who ever went after straw purchasers in a big way in Philadelphia: Tom Corbett.

So they are willing to cast aside someone who’s actually tried to do something about criminal misuse of firearms, by actually prosecuting criminals, and advocate replacing that person with someone who will just pass more laws the City won’t bother to enforce. Brilliant!

5 thoughts on “It Takes Some Nerve”

  1. I happened to have 1210 AM on the radio today, and some woman was interviewing Larry Kane; she made a comment that Tom Corbett was moving to the center on gun control. I’m not sure what prompted her to say that, but I’m concerned that Corbett may be feeling heat to do so. Do we need to start a petition, or provide some other form of “air-cover” to maintain his comfort zone, and keep Corbett on the right side of the issue?

  2. You know I’m only full of silver lining, right? So here it is. You still don’t live in MA. Am I right? Am I right?

  3. They have both stood up for our rights. Either one coming out of the primary as the Republican nominee will be a good thing for gun owners.

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