Defining Trespassing Down

If the Inquirer’s editorial board had their way, we’d call tresspassing overstaying your welcome:

The members of Heeding God’s Call also intend to bring their message to the pulpits of legislators’ home congregations. They hope that building grassroots support across the state will change some minds in Harrisburg.

The dozen activists who are scheduled to go on trial today may have overstayed their welcome at a gun shop. But their movement is decidedly welcome in this city and state.

What kind of people are these folks, who can’t get what they want from the legislature, so they go and disrupt a man’s business and try to destroy his livelihood.  How is Colosimo’s to blame if a gun that was sold from his stop later turns up in a crime?  Is a Ford dealer responsible for cars that later end up in a drunk driving accident?

Colosimo’s is a scapegoat — a convienent way for the powers that be who run Philadelphia keep deflecting blame for the fact that they are unwilling to remove criminals.  The Philadelphia Inquirer is apparently only too happy to help.

One Response to “Defining Trespassing Down”

  1. Robb Allen says:

    And again, the majority of the commenters are taking them to task.

    I’ve been surprised at the numbers of pro-rights commenters these stories have been getting. I think the populace is starting to awaken to the fact that it’s not the law abiding that are the problem and thus, restricting them has no benefit.


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