Two Kinds of Protest

Hey, if having more open carry means we get more of the other, I’m fall for it:

Portland is becoming a popular site for people who want to show that they can do things that are legal, just not things usually done.

Earlier this month, Congress Street was home to a parade of topless women, who were asserting their right to appear in public while shirtless, which is the same as it is for a man.

This Sunday, Back Cove will be the site of a demonstration by gun rights enthusiasts, who will be asserting their rights to openly carry firearms.

Though, I seem to recall there was an incident in New Hampshire where someone combined these two forms of protest, and asserted her right to carry a firearm topless.

5 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Protest”

  1. Hey, don’t give the topless protesters any ideas. The leader of the group was infuriated that men looked at them. But she did promise more protests, which is good.

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