Local Coverage of Empty Holster Protest

From the local news station:

“First, is to raise awareness and dispel a lot of myths about concealed carry and to show people that concelead carry actually helps reduce crime. The second goal is to get states and school administrators to change their policies.”

Clark says about 10 other ‘Nova students took part in the ”Empty Holster Protest” but he doesn’t have much hope the university will change its no-concealed weapons policy any time soon.

Looks like some good work by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.  This is one of those fights those of us who are beyond that age can’t win alone, but now that students themselves have gotten involved, and are taking their rights back themselves, perhaps we can win on this.  I would note that it’s not unlawful to carry on a college campus in Pennsylvania if you have a License to Carry Firearms (or are carrying openly), but colleges and universities, including those in the state system, can and do prevent students from doing so.  It’s silly policy when applied to people who are licensed to carry everywhere else, but it’s the academic (and corporate for that matter) mentality.