All Good Memes Must Come to an End

As some of you might have heard, the German film company who owns the rights to Downfall has been issuing DMCA Takedown notices to YouTube trying to get the parodies pulled from the Internets. That, of course, has created the inevitable Hitler Parody:


It’s an old and tired joke, but I’m sorry to see it go. Especially like this. The great irony is I actually bought a copy of Downfall because of the parodies, and it’s a great piece of historical drama. I would highly recommend it.

Hat tip to Eugene Volokh.

6 thoughts on “All Good Memes Must Come to an End”

  1. Being the big WW2 buff that I am, I actually owned “Downfall” on DVD before I started seeing all of those Hitler rant scene parodies on Youtube. Many people went out and bought this DVD after they saw the Youtube parodies. I even heard Rush Limbaugh saying on his show today that he was one such person.

  2. The comment about them being fascists and the follow up from the girl about him “recognizing the irony soon” had me laugh out loud.

  3. Same here. The parodies were the only reason I knew that film existed. It was the best advertisement they could have had… free.

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