“Excessive and Unnecessary”

That’s what Democratic candidate for Governor, Joe Hoeffel, calls Castle Doctrine. Not too much of a surprise, though. When Hoeffel was in Congress, one of his pet issues was closing the musket loophole, by making black powder and antique firearms subject to the same regulations as modern firearms. Tony Williams, his leading competitor in the Southeast, is also very anti-gun, but I hope he cleans Hoeffel’s clock, because Williams is at least a sensible guy on other issues, and not a doctrinaire lefty. Overall, the best Democratic choice for gun owners would be Jack Wagner so far. He’s at least only bragged that he once supported an assault weapons ban.

UPDATE: Things really got interesting with Tony Williams in today’s chat. According to him, Castle Doctrine will “erode the quality of life” of his fair city, and he also took questions on the viability of his campaign for running anti-gun commercials in Western Pennsylvania markets.

One thought on ““Excessive and Unnecessary””

  1. Err… being able to defend your home will erode your quality of life? Whatever he’s on, the dose is off.

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