Get Used to It

Jeff Soyer relays a story about a felon charged with carrying a firearm asserting his second amendment rights.  Now, if I recall, New York is in the second circuit court of appeals, which has taken no position on the second amendment.  I expect the lower courts will end up ruling the second amendment is no obstacle to disarming felons, but we’re going to see a lot of cases of criminals challenging their conviction on gun charges by asserting their second amendment rights, and Jeff is absolutely correct to point out the Brady’s will be happy to point to all of this as an example of what will happen if second amendment rights are taken seriously.

2 thoughts on “Get Used to It”

  1. And it is an easy argument to refute. Folks have been trying to hide behind the first amendment to justify criminal activity for as long as our country has existed. Let them. All it will do is keep the discussion going, and as long as the discussion is alive, gun rights stay in the public sight and can’t be quietly taken away.

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