Swarthmore Considering L&S

Now Swarthmore is considering this useless measure:

“This is a pro-cop measure, as those are the people who very often have to face illegal guns. This nationwide group with a strong presence is united in a common effort and has support of locally and beyond,” Lowe said.

That’s Mayor Richard Lowe, who is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Even if you accept that local municipalities can be “Laboratories of Democracy,” shouldn’t the fact that no one can name a single prosecution under this law prove that it’s a worthless, feel-good measure? At least, even in very liberal Swarthmore, we had at least one person show up in opposition. If you’re opposed to this, and live in the area, be sure to let them know.

4 thoughts on “Swarthmore Considering L&S”

  1. There are 2500 + municipalities in PA. Of the 21-25 passing or attempting to pass, CeaseFirePA is only calling on the Democratically controlled ones. I find that troubling! They are not approaching any republican controlled towns that I have seen.
    I think we need to bring this to our democrat gun friendlies and ask them to help!!

  2. I can’t accept the “Laboratories of Democracy” line of thinking at all. The simple fact is that in PA, as far as gun laws are concerned, counties/municipalities/etc. are preempted by the state government from taking any action.

  3. To be clear, I don’t either. No state or local government should be allowed to experiment with rights. But even if you do believe in that, it still falls down on that count because this law has never been used to punish a criminal.

  4. Understood… I am the guy that mentioned that many times in Radnor! “21-25 passed, zero prosecutions.” I will do it again in Swarthmore at their next meeting also.
    But the only thing I can grasp that connects the 21 munies that passed this is that they are controlled by the democrats in those locations. Philly, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, etc., etc.
    Swartmore, and Radnor are currently majority democrats on their boards.
    Mayors Against Illegal Guns follows a similar likeness!

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