It Makes a Guy Want to Cry

Take a hard look at this picture, and check out the caption, because it’s important:

A police officer lights a bonfire of confiscated rifles at the Lake Tanganyika stadium in Kigoma, Tanzania. Some 2,000 guns were surrendered last year under a program to rid the country of illegal weapons.

So next time you hear pricks like Bloomberg yammering about illegal guns, remember this picture. “Illegal guns” is just their latest slogan. “Gun control” didn’t work. “Gun safety” fizzled. Now they think they found a meme that will actually spread, and will cause the public to associate “guns” with “illegal”, which is what they want them all to be.  Bloomberg and his ilk would like nothing better than to bring this image to America.

Hat tip to Hit and Run

One thought on “It Makes a Guy Want to Cry”

  1. It doesn’t make me want to cry. It makes me want to take that stick and beat the man back in defense of the poor rifles.

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