Unbelievable Article in the Philly Inquirer

One of the sad facts, as we approach the day that the ban on firearms in National Parks expires, is that we have to listen to the hysterical machinations of the media. I’ve seen some bad ones, but this one from the Philadelphia Inquirer takes the cake:

Whatever the gun rights of law-abiding park visitors, having loaded firearms in the national parks certainly will change the experience for everyone.

Every day could seem like the start of deer hunting season with people strolling the parks armed. That has to be a frightening prospect for families and others who aren’t accustomed to being around guns. And there’s also the risk of accidental shootings.

Like the start of deer season? Because we’re just going to shoot our guns all over eh? Does the Inquirer staff not wonder why this isn’t a problem in state parks, where people can legally carry guns, and have been able to for a few years now? How many times do they have to make dire predictions, only to have them turn out to be gravely wrong? I think this more than anything has destroyed the credibility of the gun control movement in the eyes of the public.

7 thoughts on “Unbelievable Article in the Philly Inquirer”

  1. It seems the elephant in the room for all gun banners is that everything they’re talking about, for good, and for ill, has been tried before, and they’re claiming different results than reality.

  2. Lost in all of this is the fact that the fedgov should not have a general police power within the states just because they own land within the states. This is the real issue here. The fedgov should be treated no differently from any other property owner within our state. Even more, they should be further restrained than a private land owner because the land is actually owned by the public.

  3. I am sure everyone with a LTCF will immediately drive out to a National Park and start wildly shooting in the air. Yup, right after we leave work, pick up the dry cleaning, visit the Acme, pick up the kids from music lessons and Karate lessons. Let me check my calendar!!!

    It is only one reason the Philly papers are struggling to make money! Out of touch!

  4. Well, you know the Austin Plane Crasher defined insanity as, “doing the same thing, the same way and expecting a different result.” or something to that effect.

    Same with gun banner, panty wetters. The more they espouse the old, tired, disproven drivel, the more their credibility and influence decreases. I hope they ramp it up!

  5. Favorite line: “There has never been any reasonable justification for civilian park visitors’ needing to be armed for their own protection.”

    Nope, no cougars, coyotes, bears, wolves, ill-tempered deer, irritable buffalo, or any other two legged predators in the parks either, ever. Sold ’em all to Mexico, India, and China, along with all our factory jobs, honest.

    Wonder if there’ll ever be an accurately named gun control group, for example, Oxygen Thieves, Inc. ?

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