More Hysterics

This time from the Washington Post, because Virginia is considering lifting its gun rationing law. They tell us to “get ready for mayhem” and say:

We hope reason prevails, and the state Senate kills the repeal. Because if Mr. Lingamfelter’s bill is enacted, here’s what police and prosecutors expect: Crack dealers in New York will pay 21-year-olds with no criminal records to buy dozens of Glock pistols at Virginia gun shops.

And to top it all off, we link to the queen of screaming, raving, mad hysterics, Abby Spangler.

5 thoughts on “More Hysterics”

  1. And that can’t happen today because why??? What about gun rationing is going to stop straw purchases?

  2. It would be great to have some kind of searchable repository of similar hysterical predictions of doom. I reckon there must be quite a number by now: every state that passed shall-issue was going to descend into anarchy, the expiration of the “assault weapon” ban was going to bring the movie Heat to real life in every city, the Georgia transit thing, castle doctrine, you name it.

  3. Warn a person when you post a link like that. I think I almost went blind.

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