Party Switch

I feel a bit dirty, because I am now a Republican once again. I left the Party back in 2000 and registered Libertarian in frustration over what the GOP had become. Not that I’m any happier with them now, but we have a primary coming up, and I want to have a vote. Plus, it doesn’t do much good to try to influence a Party you’re not a member of.

I had been meaning to do it for some time, but when I got to the Courthouse today, it turns out the County Election Office is right next to the Jury Lounge, so I decided to take advantage of it.

5 thoughts on “Party Switch”

  1. Ditto.

    I’m in Mass. where, as you probably know, the largest number of registered folks are actually not (D) but (I). I changed to (R) years ago primarily just to tweek my moonbat friends. Oh, and having a say in primaries.

  2. Ditto to all this. The only reason I’ve stayed Republican the past two years is because I knew that Charlie Crist would be running for the Senate, and I don’t want my failure of a governor to become my failure of a senator.

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