Philadelphia Tea Party

There’s a “Tea Party” protest in Philadelphia tomorrow at Independence Hall.  I am sending Bitter along as the Snowflakes in Hell intrepid on-the-scene reporter.  I will not be able to attend, unfortunately, due to work.

It might not seem like it, but these tea party protests are actually a very good thing for gun rights, even though they have nothing to do with them.  They are apt to worry the Democrats about the 2010 elections if they are seeing organized protests over economic issues this early into the 111th Congress.  That makes them less likely to take on other contentious issues before the midterms.  Make plans to attend if you have time and can get off work.

4 thoughts on “Philadelphia Tea Party”

  1. Don’t know if that went through — not due to moderation, but my own browser stupidity.

    The Tea Party Revolt is on SATURDAY at noon, not Friday. So come on out!

    Jeff Schreiber
    America’s Right

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