Just Shut Up

Nevadans aren’t too happy with President Obama right now. They were once polite in asking Obama not to attack their state. Now they are being a little more blunt. Next time, I suspect the request will look something like: “Shut you damn pie hole, you pompous prick! Oh, and how do you like you Senate without a Majority Leader?”

4 thoughts on “Just Shut Up”

  1. I’m sure it did. And what’s frustrating is that it’s not like they don’t have a personal chef (actually, several!) at the White House who can cook a 5-star meal. DC is full of activities for a date night as well. Call me nuts, but when the taxpayers already pay for a cook & entertainment staff, you forgo certain luxuries like that when you’re president.

  2. So much for “The Great Uniter”, right? That dumbass has polarized and split apart more groups and people than anyone else I’ve ever seen.

  3. The irony is that if you don’t drink or gamble, Vegas can be (decently) cheap. More so than, say… New York, Hawaii, South Florida… wait a second, hasn’t Obama been to all those places?

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