Grown Up Party

Tam is suggesting we need a new party.  I think she’s right.  “The GUP is the Party for Me.”  It even rhymes.

5 Responses to “Grown Up Party”

  1. BobG says:

    Does that mean the members will all be called “guppies”?

  2. Gibcity says:

    I love it !!

  3. J.R. Shirley says:

    Yeah, I like it.


  4. Chris says:

    “But all the other kids have ice cream and free universal health care!”
    That’s so true. Let’s have a party!

  5. Matt Groom says:

    I think the main problem that the GOP seems to be facing is that the people who are most inclined to vote for Republicans are so terribly disenfranchised that they are always looking for a new party. Whether it’s the Libertarian Party, the New Whig Party, the Constitution Party, or the Grown-Up party, Conservatives are clearly displeased with Republicans. Democrats don’t seem to have this problem, because people who vote for Democrats don’t think. The GOP needs to listen up!