Hottie with a Gun

I would call it gun porn, except said hottie is all dressed up. And here’s a close up.

UPDATE: I would like everyone to note the author on the above post. I have not become a switch hitter, or started to bat for the other team :) -Sebastian

UPDATE: I would like everyone to note that Sebastian just took the fun out of this post. :( -Bitter

7 thoughts on “Hottie with a Gun”

  1. Bitter, your’re a girl?
    Or do you “play for the other team?”

    All I see is 2 pictures of prince william. Disappointing when I was expecting some bikini clad bombshell. :(

  2. Man He was rather dashing when he was younger….he’s starting to look like Mom and Dad as he ages. I think we can all agree on Charles’s looks. Personally I always thought Di was a horse-face, and never got why people went ga-ga over her.

    That being said the LMG is badass! Izzat a 249?

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