Anti-Gun People Got Their Media On

According to Bitter the anti-gun folks outside are passing law professors around to the media [Apparently I misinterpreted what Bitter told me.  She said our activists were passing law professors around, changing the entire premise of the post].  NRA is apparently nowhere to be found.

UPDATE: Apparently Ginny Simone of NRANews has arrived on the scene.  But she’s media, really.  They need people there talking to the media and getting our point of view across.

UPDATE: Bitter says the media frenzy and crowd is fairly large, so it’s possible there’s activity going on that she’s not seeing.

UPDATE: NRA is reporting they have people both inside and outside.  Quite possible Bitter just hasn’t run into them yet.

UPDATE: Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox, and Steve Halbrook are among the people inside.   Bitter is outside with Bob Cottrol and Clayton Cramer.

UPDATE: For those of you who don’t know Bob Cottrol, he’s a law professor at GW.  So we at least have one law professor of our own on the scene!

UPDATE: Bitter is pitching Clayton and Bob to the media.  This is what Bitter does for a living, and she’s good at it.  She says she’s gotten a few bites, so hopefully we’ll get some eyeballs on some folks who can intelligently advocate for our side.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Gun People Got Their Media On”

  1. Stephen Holbrok was on line with me (about 10 people ahead).

    Cox and La Pierre were in the last row, among the last people let into the court (Maybe 10 away from the end).

    For all the NRA hating GOAers out there – god bless the NRA’s ability to influence the Bush Administration and Paul Clement, cause his oral arguments today were much better than I was worrying about and he seemed far more willing to limit the ability of governments to restrict guns like machine guns than Allan Gura would.

  2. I was standing there talking to Clayton, having just introduced myself, when a nice young lady came up to him and said, “Clayton, that guy over there is a reporter from Fox. You should talk to him.” I’m sorry I missed a chance to meet her.

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